Modi government interfering with judiciary puts democracy at peril: Former Assam CM Tarum Gogoi

Former Assam CM and sitting MLA from Titabor, Tarun Gogoi trained his guns at the central government over the transfer of Justice S Murlidhar of the Delhi HC.

Hitting out at the centre over the transfer of Justice S Muralidhar, former Assam Chief Minister and senior Congress leader Tarun Gogoi on Thursday said the Narendra Modi government interferes with the judiciary and that is a dangerous signal for the whole country.

“It also amounts to an undeclared emergency. Today, the whole country is facing a great challenge and the challenge coming from the present ruler who wants to impose their will. Their philosophy is against the vast majority of the people”, said Tarun Gogoi. The senior Congress leader further added, “the Modi government has not allowed the judiciary to function independently which is dangerous to the democracy of the country. Our constitution provides the independence of the judiciary. The independence of the judiciary is the key and without it, democracy will be at peril.”

Sitting MLA from Assam’s Titabor constituency, Tarun Gogoi said, “They got the mandate, but it doesn’t mean that 100 percent people supported them. They got less than 40 per cent of the vote. Majority people are not for Modi”, Gogoi said. He further accused Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad of playing in the hands of the Prime Minister. “It is his duty to give advice to the Prime Minister because he being the Law Minister, a lawyer also, who knows the constitutional provisions. It is his responsibility to explain to the Prime Minister about the real value of the constitution, provisions of the constitution”, added Tarun Gogoi.

Reacting over Delhi violence, Tarun Gogoi said the Modi government has miserably failed in containing the violence. The former Assam CM wen further to claim, “The forces responsible for creating such violence are not controlled and allowed to exploit the situation. The government has failed to maintain law and order, provide security to all sections, communities of people.” He also said that political leaders who made inflammatory speeches leading to such violence should be dealt with firmly without any concern for their political affiliations. “Today, the followers of Godse are on the increase. The entire country is facing disturbance. We have celebrated the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, but instead of following the path of Mahatma Gandhi, instead of bringing more peace, social harmony, we are going towards Godse philosophy,” Tarun Gogoi said.

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